Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I Can Do Project Monogamy!!!!!!!

 Or mostly, if we don't count switching back and forth between quilting and knitting.  

In spite of help from the kitties, mostly Charlie,

I have been working steadily on a new quilt project.
The project instructions said "simple," so it only took me a solid two months, which included ripping out some of my free motion quilting once I got so far off that I had huge puckers:

I am still very much learning, but the quilt sandwiching is one of the places I struggle most, and I did pretty well this time,

AND didn't discover that my borders were suddenly too full of ease to ever work.  And, drum roll please, the finished quilt is in the dryer.  That's right, I used the term "finished quilt" and I wasn't referring to someone else's blog. YAY!

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Goodbye February

 Why is it that working from home makes for longer hours?  

It seems I finished the purple socks AND sent them to their recipient without getting a picture, but I did finish them.  There has been quite a bit of sewing.  Back when I bought my first house, I made several sets of placemats using a fan pattern with doilies.  At the time, I never made more than 6 for a set because my table only had room for 6 people, there wasn't room in the house for a bigger table, and nothing in life ever changes, right?  A marriage and two houses later, I did find the remaining fabric and apparently the only remaining doily that will match the others, and made two additional placemats.  An in-progress shot:

Not realizing I had the material or doily to make them, last fall I'd ordered fabric to make a new set,

this time TWELVE with 15 matching napkins, because what isn't fun about hemming?

(besides all of it).  Sometime in the last 18 years the original doilies stopped being produced without notifying me first, so a new source had to be found.  Amazon really does have everything, but it seems the rest of the world isn't just here to accommodate crafting needs, so there was an additional center medallion on each doily that had to be cut away in order to be flat, and I don't know if you know this about doilies, but they really don't enjoy being cut.  This leads to fraying.  Lots of fraying, some of which isn't secured simply with a seam, so hand stitching is required to get them to cooperate in being a placemat.  Which explains why Andy's Valentine's Day gift,

didn't even get started until after Valentine's Day.  Oops.  Venus and I worked on the hand-stitching yesterday after taxes,

and there is still a chance I could finish the shirt today to at least achieve the right gift MONTH, so that would be something.....

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year

I didn't make my goal of 50 projects for the year, but I did squeak in a last project for the year with fleece pajamas for Andy,

and a last pair of socks, which are almost twins!
Considering how many knots were in this skein of yarn, I'm calling it a Christmas miracle.  Of course, I immediately cast on for a new pair:

because there might be some sock yarn that found its way into my stash this year.  Actually, a LOT of yarn might have joined me this year.  While under normal circumstances, I would feel bad about it, anything short of alcoholism to cope with the stress of 2020 seems like a "win."  

I'm working tons and tons of hours at my new job, but I think I'm still going to try for 50 finished projects this year.  It's my turn to make gifts, so there will be some smaller projects--maybe fabric bowls?  More table runners?  How many table runners do people who don't sew use?  It's a lot, right?

Let's hope 2021 is a MUCH better year than 2020.