Friday, August 30, 2019

But FIRST, Why I Haven't Posted In So Long

Almost a month ago now, Andy and I set our for a walk bright and early on a Sunday morning, only to find
a frightened little kitten hiding behind a garbage can on the greenbelt.  It was amazing that we even found her as there is a hawk family right in that area, and they'd eat a kitten in a flash.  We caught her and started knocking doors along the houses closest to where she was, but while we met some really great people--including one lovely woman who let us borrow her cat carrier to save on being scratched--NO one was missing a kitten.  We finally brought her home and took some pictures for posters for the neighborhood, but she had other ideaS--
like staying.  "BUT WE ALREADY HAVE 3 CATS," we told her.  She responded with even more cuteness:
Not to be deterred, we put up posters, posted on Facebook, and took her to a vet to check for a microchip (and receive her first shots).  Nothing.  She continued her campaign to stay, taking up an interest in knitting,
 and even showing me some great new features on my computer...
...some of which I still can't turn off.  And that is how Charlie will be celebrating her one-month anniversary with us this weekend.................