Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten And Holding

Ron:  Things are still holding steady with 90 finished objects and only 10 to go. 

Bob:  Frankly, Ron, we really haven't seen much crafting happening here at Chateau Sutton-Goar.  It seems Ms. Sutton has been temporarily derailed by Christmas decorating.

Ron:  Christmas???  It isn't even Thanksgiving yet.  What on earth could she be thinking?

Bob:  When I asked, I received a very stern look
and no reply.
Ron:  This puts an entirely new angle on things.  We were expecting output to slow down over the Christmas season, but if Ms. Sutton begins the holiday season a full week and a half before the day-after-Thanksgiving kick-off, what will this do to the 100-project challenge?

Bob:  It's hard to say, Ron.  With "Finishing Friday" coming up tomorrow and two half-decorated Christmas tree, anything could happen...........