Thursday, October 30, 2008

NUMBER 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting past WIP number 10 has been a lot like losing that last 5 pounds (except that those five pounds are still with me). By the third attempt Theo could no longer stand to watch
but after much frogging, a little yarn stretching, and finally having to leave off the overlapping part of the band, the chemo cap is done:
It's actually a pretty cute hat, but I'm not even slightly tempted to keep it. For one, it was a pain to make and I'd like to not have it around as a reminder. For another, I have a longish-type face, and I don't look good in hats without brims. In fact, this one makes me look like a pencil. So, it will be donated to a cancer hospital.

WIP number 12 is getting close. I found the front, finished one side, and have started on the other. It's sort of a race now to see if I can hold out long enough to finish anything beyond this one before the starteritis bug gets me. I'm hoping for 14, but I could live with 12. Heck, finishing 2 WIPs in a row was a new personal best, so I'm rather stunned to have made it this far at all.

Then again, I was also shocked to find out how much yarn I have, how many WIPs I had, and how many knitting books I actually have, so my knitting is rarely--if ever--tinged with any sort of reality.