Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Andy Has a Shirt!!!!

Which is in the dryer right now, so you'll have to take my word for it, but I got the clothes done under the one-month-late deadline (the ON TIME gift idea being completely foreign to me) and now 4 more yards of fabric are out of the sewing room. Yippee!!! That one still can't even see the floor is a topic for another day....

[And incidentally, due to the differences in language usages between English-speaking countries, if you logged on yesterday to find that I had announced that my loving spouse had underwear, I apologize. He does, of course, but this isn't really that sort of blog.....]

I also finished up the second skein of yarn on the August scarf, so I got to move ALL the tallies today--a big day for me indeed. Still, I'm missing a bit of the crafting drive I had last year, which I think is because I don't have a goal for the number of projects to finish this year. So, in my normal this-sounds-like-a-good-idea-right-now sort of spirit, my crafting goal for next year is:


That's right--100 in 365 days (and too bad next year isn't a Leap Year as I could probably use it). They can be sewing or knitting projects--though let's not be stupid. There will be no cross-stitch projects because I'm on more of a 5-year plan with each of those. If I stick to my yarn diet and some version of a fabric diet, I might finally move enough projects out of the craft room to make a visible dent.

Maybe having all those projects in the Project Time Out Bin will finally come in handy......