Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blame It On Robin


and this

are Robin's fault.   She has double-dog dared me to try for 200 yards of fabric this year.  200  Even in my 50,000-yards-of-laceweight-isn't-crazy version of reality, this is just a wee bit insane, but all day I've been musing about what that would really take.  My best sewing year used up 103 yards.  If I went back and finished some of my sewing WIPs, AND focused on bigger projects, AND found a little more sewing time, AND finished a couple of the quilts.............

Oh my.

So the purple
is a cotton print that Andy bought for a shirt several years ago, and which I haven't ever gotten around to.  Since it's a short-sleeved shirt, it's much easier, and I cut it out AND got it started today, which will clear another 2 and a half yards of fabric out of the stash.  And before THAT,
I got all the strips sewn together for the Spicy Spiral runner for Andy's parents' anniversary later this year, which will use up another two and a half yards counting the backing.  Both of which could be finished this month, getting me to about 19 yards so far for the year.  Could I get the second runner done as well?  Or maybe an additional WIP?  Or maybe a quick new summer dress over a weekend???

Oh yeah--normal is just a setting on the dryer around here.........