Sunday, June 3, 2012

Training - Day 3

Ron:  We're here at day 3 of the Ravelympics training camp. Ms. Sutton is still going strong with the wind sprints,
but it looks like she may also be moving on to another exercise as well:

Bob:  Now this could be either the endurance test or the core training as it looks like the one-row scarf that Ms. Sutton has made so many, many, MANY times.

Ron: It does certainly look like one of her "go-to" patterns, though it could be problematic for her "12 12s" challenge as there is no category for scarves.

Bob:  She may be using it in her "catch-all" category of "12 gifts," provided that there is a single person Ms. Sutton knows who hasn't already received a one-row scarf. 

Ron:  Good point, Bob.  We may be seeing some gift knitting.  As Ms. Sutton has just been spotted working on the mohair sweater,
she can't yet be attempting the 10-day endurance test.

Bob:  Could this sweater be a serious contender for the endurance test?

Ron:  Unlikely, Bob.  10 days of knitting nothing but mohair is a very big challenge for any knitter to attempt, and to tackle such a headache leading up to the games could easily cripple a knitlete and perhaps even put her out of the games.

Bob:  Good point, Ron.  While it seems unlikely with Ms. Sutton's track record, we may be seeing the mohair sweater as an attempt to clean up the existing WIP pile before the games begin. Since this sweater has been worked on since May 15, it is not eligible to be entered in WIP Wrestling, and if it isn't going to be her endurance test, it really looks like this may just be some knitterly dedication--certainly something we don't always see from Ms. Sutton.

Ron:  Too true, Bob.  With WIPs dating back to at least 2004, dedication is hardly a proven strong point. 

Bob:  We'll see how this dedication plays out as the training camp continues.  Could early dedication hurt Ms. Sutton during the actual games?  Stay tuned here to the Wide World of Wool for further updates.