Saturday, November 21, 2009


You might have been wondering where I have been for the last few days of my crafting week, and the answer would be getting my arse kicked by:

That's right--the kimono shawl, which upuntil this week has been a pretty well behaved project.  Being a gracious and loving knitter, I was willing to overlook the insane amount of time it was taking to finish.  After all, good things come to she who waits.....or so I've been told because being a very impatient person, I have never really tried that theory out.  But THEN it had the temerity to force me to cast off FIVE TIMES before it stopped puckering.

Okay, you can't really see it, but it was there.  This is a picture of the 4th cast-off using a needle two sizes larger than the 4 I was working with, and it STILL pulled the lace too tight.  On the 5th try, I made every stitch so large that I think Theo could have jumped through the darn things, and finally, finally FINALLY have a finished object!

AND I'm down to 13 WIPs for the Double Dog Dare challenge.

AND I got to add 1375 yards of yarn to the yarn used tally.....the thrill of which was slightly mitigated by finding out that I had never actually added this yarn (or the several other hanks of it) to my Ravelry stash, so that 128,000 is actually even lower than I thought, which takes a bit of the fun out of this

My yarn and blocking wires from Elann!!!!!

It actually arrived on Monday, but I have been trying hard to ignore its existence while trying to finish everything else, but you gotta love's service.  I actually received the yarn BEFORE I received the email saying it had shipped--it was that fast.  AND they understand knitters, because this was stamped on the box:

A year without yarn........"extremely urgent" would be an understatement. 

And of course, the yarn is quite fabulous and very soft

so I'll be picking out the 3 fastest-to-finish WIPs for the Double Dog Dare Challenge so I can dive into this lovely stuff, but probably not tonight as my little sidekick and I have some dishes to do

and the fall decorations to put away

so we can start putting up the Christmas stuff.  YAY!