Sunday, August 26, 2018


Meet Finished Project 33:
and because 60-degree ruler projects tend to need enough triangles for a second project,
project 34 could be done this weekend.  50 projects is still within striking distance!  Especially with a three-day weekend coming up......

The Fall Stashdash has been really motivating--or at least for some of us,
so I've probably done more knitting in the last month than I have in the last year.  I've gone back to keeping knitting in the car.  For Boise, I have a long commute involving a lot of stoplights, and it's surprising how much knitting one can do at a stoplight.  Bonus points for totally freaking out other drivers--I think they think I knit while driving.  I have seen people doing all kinds of crazy stuff while driving (reading a book on the freeway, texting, applying makeup), but so far no handicrafts, though I honestly wouldn't say it doesn't happen.  But I've been in outside sales for a long time and have learned to drive, not like the other drivers can't see me, but like the other drivers CAN see me and want to kill me.  Idaho has made a few lists for the rudest drivers in the US, and I think that's very possible.  We're certainly in the top 10.

Checking in on my fall stashdown progress:

Love at First Sight - pick a yarn in your stash that was truly an impulse buy--a yarn you just fell in love with. Find a pattern that will do it justice.

Soul Mates - make a pair of socks, slippers, booties, or stockings from stash yarn--the deeper the better

Glass Slipper - Match a pattern you already have with a yarn you already have and put them into a project bag to surprise yourself with in 2019

’Til Death Us Do Part - complete TEN rows on a WIP that is at least one year old, or your oldest if they’re all more recent

“Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Complete TWENTY rows on a second WIP

“You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” - Complete SEVEN rows on a third WIP

“Killing Me Softly” - complete SIX rows on your most frustrating WIP or project
Kauni cardigan

“Hit the Road, Jack” (or “Hit the Toad, if you prefer) - review your WIPs and frog any that you don’t love  Ripping back the Kauni cardigan far enough to fix it

“We’ve Only Just Begun” - update or embellish something you already have: crochet cuffs on a pair of jeans? Ribbon embroidery? A new hat or scarf to match an old coat? Create a look you love.

“Do You Believe in Magic?” - finish ONE WIP (or project if you have no WIPs)

“Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” - make one gift

“At Last” - finish a SECOND WIP (or project if you have no WIPs)

“Dreams Can Come True - finish a THIRD WIP (or project if you have no WIPs)

“We Belong Together” - work 40 rows on any project made with stash yarn

“Embraceable You” - sort through ONE yarn bin, drawer, or bag to remember what great yarn you already have
  I had to complete this one to find this:

Optional Bonus Categories:
“Wouldn’t it Be Nice?” - wrap up a second project bag for yourself and wrap it up for your 2019 birthday

“Let’s Stay Together” - work an additional 30 rows on any project

“My Funny Valentine” - work an additional 25 rows on your favorite WIP or project

“My Ideal” - repeat any of the challenges THREE times, one for each month of the challenge

“Crazy” - repeat ALL of the “row count” challenges THREE times

 And I'm working on a sock to give me the 40-row category and hopefully, "soul mates."  Some of us aren't impressed,
but he's more of a quilter anyway--they're easier to lay on.