Monday, February 6, 2012

Catching Up

Saturday I attended a gospel singing workshop.  I'm not a religious person, but I do sing and I was really excited to do ANYTHING that didn't involve home, the gym, or physical therapy, and I thought it would be one of the better choices as I assumed we would be standing rather than sitting.  Who sings while sitting?

Apparently, gospel choirs.  Even with the strongest pain medication I'm allowed, I had to duck out early and take part of a Valium to even get myself home, and Theo and I spent Saturday night and Sunday pretty much like this:
except I'm not quite that cute when I do it.  Nor, thank heavens, that furry.

I did get a little work done on the new sweater,
but most of the time was spent finishing up the socks I started for my birthday:
which are now FINISHED!!!!!  Since they were in progress before the start of the year, I'm counting them for one of my 12 WIPs since they MUST count for something on my list, and I have used up one of my "precious" yarns!  I've had this yarn for a few years, and since the color was promptly discontinued, I have hung onto this yarn like a fiend, because if I knit it up I wouldn't have the yarn any longer.  Of course, I now have socks, but that doesn't seem to matter nearly as much.  If I weren't desperately trying to increase my "all used up" tab to be larger than my "still in stash" tab, I'm not sure if I could have convinced myself to have used it.  To make it even sillier, this yarn was in a Project of the Month bag for a while (never mind that it took me 4 months to make these socks), so I hadn't even SEEN the yarn for a long time and now that it's been knit into socks, I'll see it every single day when I open my sock drawer.  And yet, part of me is still a bit sad that I don't have the yarn any longer.......

It gets easier and easier to understand my humongous stash, doesn't it?????