Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Proper Motivation

Inspired by either the thrill of getting to do new projects or the horrifying realization that I do not have enough storage room for the new fabric, I have been churning out the sewing projects like someone training for the Amish Olympics.

First, I finished Andy's fleece jacket
which he has been wearing almost nonstop since I finished it, then I finally broke down & put a zipper in a skirt I started a couple months ago--

which in true Toni fashion, has been finished one month after it might have been practical to wear. Then Theo and I went to work on the Soup Night napkins
then distracting Theo with a little decoy fleece
I was able to get a jumper cut out and sewn relatively fur-free.
The seam going down the back is the basting where the zipper would be right now if I had one. I actually keep zippers on-hand, buying them with the fabric (sometimes) and stocking up when they're on sale and not a single one is even close to the right color. It wouldn't have even done me any good to have thought about it on Monday when I was on my Joann's shopping spree as this is STASH fabric--not new fabric--so I wouldn't have known that I was going to need a neutral zipper, but it is frustrating. after all, how many times in a sewer's life is she actually willing to put in a zipper?

This is the pattern:
and in spite of my initial hesitations, this is one of my favorite patterns. Generally, I try to stay away from any sewing patterns with the word "easy" printed on them. That is pattern manufacturer lingo for "it's time to play mind games with the customer." But, this is my third go-round with this pattern, and if I weren't afraid of the Sewing Gods who are every bit as nasty as Knitting Gods and armed with sharper implements, I'd say it actually was a pretty easy pattern. HOWEVER, I have not actually said any such thing, so I am thankfully unlikely to be maimed in a freak sewing machine accident tonight..........