Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brace Yourself

The sewing room is actually clean. 
Like really clean--you can actually see the tables because things are put away and everything. 
Combining spring cleaning with friends coming to visit was more motivating than I had dared hope.  Of course, all that cleaning did interfere with crafting time, but there has been some crafting since the last post.  There was some quilting
until I had "help,"
 and I have finished another Crest of the Waves scarf,
which is the last of the mohair blend in my stash-dash basket.  Andy's sweater is still waiting for me to redo the collar,
and I now have a 30-inch zipper, which is the largest size I can get without getting creative, so I hope it works.  There's a new chemo cap in progress,
with what I think is one of the last 4 skeins of the chemo cap yarn.  I made a change in the stash-dash basket, replacing the two skeins of pink baby cashmere left over from Fleur with two similar skeins left over from a baby sweater, and they are on their way to being a scarf,
using something called "elfin lace."  This yarn is so dark that it really only works with patterns that depend on the holes in the lace rather than any texture elements. 

Last but not least,
the pink sweater is progressing.  The big piece is the back, and somehow I have a math error on the waist shaping, and I know it's my error not the pattern's as their math works and mine does not.  BUT I still can't quite see where it went wrong, so I decided to start the front and see if I can either see where I went wrong or make the exact same mistake so they match.  Personally, my money is on making the same mistake twice, but you never know.  So my stash-dash pile has gone from this

to this
 with over one month left to go.  I'm not sure what I'll do if Andy's sweater doesn't use up all the yarn assigned to it, but I shall frog that bridge when I come to it. 

And in case you are wondering how the visit with our friends went,
 there was crafting AND white chocolate martinis.  Who could ask for anything more?