Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day Two!!!!!!!!

I made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was out of bed for an entire day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Okay, I might have been in pajamas and curling up in bed around 8:00 pm, but that would never be that unusual for me in the winter--and I was REALLY tired.  7 weeks of bronchitis takes more out of one than I thought.

I avoided pretty much everything I associate with illness and the last 2.5 years, so no Facebook, no Ravelry, no movies.  I didn't even knit until I had curled up in bed, and then I only did one row because I was too tired and was sound asleep well before 9:00 pm.  I tried to avoid our bedroom completely for the entire day, but it is the best spot for doing my physical therapy as the downstairs has hardwood floors.  Luckily, ever since Andy painted my sewing room and built me those beautiful shelves, I haven't really spent much time in there because I wasn't able to sit at all for so long, and so often the meds made me sick enough to be in bed most days.  So, it has no connection to illness at all for me, which is great because I think we'd both cry if I said we needed to repaint.  :)  First up,
Valentine's Day is THIS Friday, and I was so surprised to realize this that I currently feel like an American Male.  We have two of our very favorite people coming over to celebrate, and the little fortune cookies are the favors for dinner.  Martha Stewart said these could hold candy as well as a fortune, but just because something works for Martha does not mean it will work for me.  However,
this time it actually did!  And I think having a Hershey's kiss in each side makes it look more like an actual fortune cookie.  A Martha Stewart project working out for me on the very first try.....this is going to change my whole outlook on the universe.

 Next up, SEWING!  Quite some time ago, I had cut a dress and a skirt out of the same fabric, and I've been doing small things on them occasionally, but for the first time in its existence, the skirt got some real attention.  In fact,
it is ready for a zipper.  This is my stash of 7 inch zippers.  I know one can just buy one length of zipper and cut them to whatever size, but for whatever reason, I always prefer the right size when possible--I think the little metal zip stop thing just makes it tidier in my mind.  In that plastic bag--totally brimming over with more zippers than some fabric stores even carry--want to know how many black zippers I found?

I did finally find one lurking in another bag, but it seems that not only do I stash an insane number of zippers, I only buy them in certain colors.  I did have two that were in the turquoise family, but they were just off enough to not look very good.  I hope I had more sense in other sizes.

My knitting might be neglected for a while, but at least it has a nice new home:
I had originally thought this would look nice on my nightstand, but now I'm thinking downstairs--perhaps near the fireplace or beside the piano. Now that the bronchitis is finally gone and I can go up and down the stairs again without gasping and panting, I am enjoying visiting different parts of the house.  If this keeps up, by the time my hands are finally healed and I don't have to be careful of them, I might even enjoy cleaning, if you can imagine........