Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Day With No New Cross-Stitch Projects!

And just to make sure such a crazy thought was COMPLETELY driven from my mind, I did another thread on the unending cross stitch project to reinforce how mind-numbingly slow it is, and I think that has done the trick.  The problem is, of course, that I can see how it's relaxing.  One sort of tunes out, concentrates on itsy-bitsy tiny squares of fabric, and must spend time accomplishing very, very little.  I think this is probably good for such a type-A person as myself.  I also think it would be completely daft to think I'll ever complete TWO of the blasted things. 

I spent a bit of time on Ravelry queuing up lace weight projects just to remind myself that there is knitting that can be tedious and slow as well, and plan to bribe myself with some new seed bead colors next time the need-to-buy urge strikes me.  In addition to the 365 ornament madness for next year, I thought it would be a good challenge to tackle some of the lace weight.  I purposely didn't make a scarf category this year as I made so many of them last year, and I wanted to use up bigger-volume yarn like worsted and bulky just for the sheer issue of space, but I've missed scarves.  Or I've missed lace, and when one is trying to accomplish large things, steering oneself away from lace shawls is probably a good idea.  Lace scarves are like steam valves for me--letting out little bits of lace-crazed madness before some wretched 1500-yard nightmare waylays me and gets me in its frizzy mohair clutches.  Which is why, in my year of avoiding scarves, I'm headed out to the patio right now with a 1200-yard completely-insane mohair shawl that can probably NOT be finished by the end of the year.  I didn't have my little valve outlets and obviously completely popped.