Sunday, September 28, 2008

Caution, Objects May Be WAY Freaking Bigger Than They Appear

Sleeves seem like such small things--you don't cast on many stitches, and only add more stitches gradually, so occasionally an unwary knitter is foolishly sucked into believing that she could finish a sleeve in one day. That, however, is not really the case.

Today I have spent WAY more time than I care to admit working on the first sleeve, and I'm not even at the half-way mark.
All that knitting completely wore Theo out,

so I was able to get some cat-free shots of the Fir Cone shawl now that it is blocked.
It's not quite square, and no matter how I pinned it, the edging doesn't lay completely flat--it would probably have been good to skip a few stitches on each side. But, it's still a lovely shawl that will look fine when it's worn. A few close-ups for detail:
And now I'm going to go do something--anything--as long as it doesn't involve sleeves!