Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Desperate Yardage Sprint

I have no idea why this matters so much to me, but if I am ever to knit 20,000 yards in one year, this is it.  I am so close, but in order to get there I still have to have one of my best yardage months, which I explain in order to somewhat justify this:
It's the Running of the Fun Fur!!!!!!!!!!!  One of the Christmas parties I will be attending is a Secret Santa gift exchange involving things we already own.  Personally, I'd probably just wrap up the Fun Fur as a gift at this point, but I am trying to encourage my friends to knit--not provide them with justifiable reason to run screaming from the room.  So, scarf it is.  Would two be overkill?

Of course, being me, what I really wanted to make were ornaments, but the pattern doesn't state yardage used, and my original thought was to keep making these
until I used up the skein, which was only 100 yards.  But after making this yesterday, the skein wasn't looking depleted enough for this to seem like a good idea any longer, so today I dug out some festive red, made a big knot at the 5 yard mark, then did safety-pin increments of every yard for this little baby:
to discover they use about 20 yards of worsted weight yarn.  Aside from one ornament that I'd guessed and listed as 10 yards, I haven't listed any of the other 8 knitted ornaments from this year as part of my stash usage.  Well--it's December and I'm desperate, so presto!  Another 170 yards used up for the stash tally.  So--down to 1658.35 yards to go!!!!!!!

Really--I've just totally lost it by this point, but at least there is medication involved, so recovery may be possible.............