Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ravellenics - Day 3

Bob:  We're here at day 3 of the Ravellenic games, and I don't mind telling you, today has stunned this reporter.

Ron:   In completely unexpected show of knitterly dedication, Ms. Sutton finished her first WIP by 7:30 this morning:
which gives her three medals in three days, and instead of being distracted by other projects, Ms. Sutton is more than halfway through a Gingerbread hat,
which is cross-competing in no less than THREE events.  If Ms. Sutton finishes this tomorrow, she will have racked up six medals in the first FOUR days of the games--certainly a record for this knitlete and a strong showing for a knitter who has been known to take 4 years to finish just the seams and buttons on a sweater.

Bob:  It is indeed, Ron.  If we continue to see this level of unexpected dedication, Ms. Sutton could possibly finish the 5 remaining WIPs she has entered for the games.

Ron:  She could indeed, Bob, though that will be a stretch of both knitterly dedication and time--not to mention attention span.  With such a strong start, she could easily fizzle or get distracted by that troublesome ball of lace weight which has been spotted on her nightstand.   

Bob:  That is a troubling development, especially this early in the games.  Dedication has never been Ms. Sutton's strong suit, as this WIP clearly shows.  Started in 2004, it has taken her 8 years to knit a small baby sweater--8 years.  Countries have been formed in less time.  With such a track record, will Ms. Sutton be able to keep her focus for the entire 17 days of the games?  Join us here on the Wide World of Wool for all the updates.