Sunday, June 2, 2019

I'm Still Here

So my new job is with a radio station/advertising agency, and we have live events and radio remotes and I've worked the last 2 Saturdays, so I haven't been keeping up with the blog, laundry, the garden, and pretty much everything else.  But let's catch up, shall we?

Several weeks ago now, I went to a sewing expo, which was rather disappointing.  I'd gone two summers ago and there were SO many things I would have purchased had we not been packing and moving.  This year it was about half as big and there weren't that many things I was even interested in, but I did find this lovely little clock for the sewing room:
I love it!  I've been looking for a clock for the sewing room, and this was just too adorable to pass up.  Don't you love the little scissors as a pendulum?

My three-day weekend was unfortunately only a 2-day weekend, but there was some serious craft time.  While I set up the new machine to embroider some towels,
I set up my other machine to do some free motion quilting,
One of the reasons I'm making so many checkerboard-style runners  is to help me learn new free motion quilting techniques, 
The grids help, and I find it easier to try new things if there's not just ONE project that I'll worry about messing up.  I have several of these,
so if one went really badly, there's still more to try new things with, though I did stippling on a couple of them
 to "loosen up" as it were.  This one just needed binding this morning, so with my trusty sidekick:
 we finished a runner, two embroidered towels, 
 and a new pair of flannel pajamas for Andy:
 which is kind of a weird summer project, but I was trying to tidy up the sewing room and it was easier just to make the pajamas than to find a place to store the fabric.  Because Joann's flannel is now something ridiculous like 40 inches wide, it takes 7.5 yards of the new flannel to make what 6 yards used to do, but I didn't know that until I'd bought some and had to go back for more. I'm still trying to find 2 more yards of a flannel I bought for me--otherwise I'm going to have to do some pattern editing. 

We've had some unusually wet and cold weather, but this weekend turned out mostly nice, so last night we spent part of the evening enjoying the pond after a day full of chores,
Image may contain: tree, grass, outdoor and nature
and socks are the perfect pond-knitting project:
and are extraordinarily aerodynamic when one discovers a spider has joined one for a closer look.  I'm better at some parts of nature than others.....

This evening I've gone back to the dragonfly quilt,
 having decided that I didn't feel confident enough to try free-motion quilting on this, didn't know how free-motion quilting would look after I'd already started quilting with lines, and wanted to get back to finishing this before I was so overwhelmed by trying to find the "right" way forward that it never got finished at all, so I have decided to continue with the lines of quilting for the blocks.  I love the fabric, so I just need quilting to not detract from the design, and I want to finish it so we can be using it.  The rows of stitching are about 1/4-inch apart, and then I'll need to go back and quilt the pink patches as well, so it's going to be quite a while before this is finished, but I'm DOING IT!  Do you ever get that "perfection paralysis?"

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Can you believe it's June already?