Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ways to Celebrate April Fool's Day In the Knitting World - 2010

*  Take the label off a ball of merino wool and tell everyone you spun it from your husband's chest hair which you shaved off at night while he was sleeping

*   Go to your local Stitch 'n' Bitch and declare that circular needles are stupid

*  Send anonymous threatening letters to the local quilting guild, telling them they're stepping on your crafting turf and they have 48 hours to get out of town

*  Find a new employee at a large craft store and ask them if they can special order left-handed knitting needles for you

*  Walk up to someone wearing a Fun Fur scarf and demand if they know how many "Funs" had to be killed to make that scarf

*  Take your knitting out in public, and if anyone compliments you on your knitting, tell them it's a new type of knitting called "crochet."  See who gets it