Saturday, October 12, 2013

Found It!

The fact that I could misplace my camera for several days can be explained by two words:

canning season

This is the time of a year when large boxes of tomatoes in the living room and canning jars in the entryway aren't even remarkable enough to be explained.  It's also the time of year when Finishing Friday gets usurped by 15 pints of salsa and 12 pints of crushed tomatoes.  But at least it's followed by a season of eating well, even if I am a little sick of tomatoes at that point.

First, to prove that there were indeed two new mitten ornaments,
and to remind myself that Bernat's red holiday yarn is a little too bright for my taste, though perhaps it will actually glow on the Christmas tree.

I can now also show you my latest rope basket experiment,
 which was much harder than I thought it would be. 
I had a lot more trouble getting the oblong basket started than I expected, and ended up with a tiny gap in the bottom of the basket.  It was also more difficult to keep the sides all going up at the same angle, which might explain why I haven't yet started a new basket.  When the going gets tough, some of us go back to canning...........

I did have a crafting day on Thursday, but it was by accident.  Wednesday I had been busy most of the day, but decided to go out for a quick walk to loosen up my back muscles.  Thinking I'd get my heart rate going, I started out with a modified version of race-walking.  I call it "modified" because I never could master the whole hip-swinging movement of actual race-walkers.  Well, guess what is really bad for hip and back problems??????????  Yep--race walking.  Sharp, massive pain, which even WITH therapeutic massage and heavy drugs put me in bed for a day and a half.  There are probably more insulting injuries than walking, but probably not many of them. 

I finished colorwork ornaments #8 and #9,
and cast on number 10, bringing me to 272 ornaments for the year--which you'd be seeing on my little updates if Blogger would let me change it.  I think it's keeping up with Yahoo, which took away my calendar, and Facebook which, well, just IS Facebook and finds new ways to be annoying every day.  Which is good, because every time I get frustrated with knitting, the internet is always there to remind me that there are things which are FAR more annoying than just having to splice or weave in a few ends..................