Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Am Obsessed!

Over the last two-three years, I have been adding my yarn stash to Ravelry in order to manage it a bit easier.  It obviously took quite a bit of time, but when I do get the urge to buy yarn, I can go online and browse my own stash, which does feel quite a bit like online shopping, and of course it helps to remind myself how much yarn I already have to knit with.  This is all good.  And when I use up yarn, I can move it to the "used up" tab, which means my stash is always current.

Since I started doing the chemo caps, using one ball of Elann Esprit yarn for each cap, I've been moving a lot of formerly "in stash" yarn to the "all used up" tab.   Each time, it feels like an amazing accomplishment, and I'm now up to 30 items in my "used up" tab.  Being able to see my stash progress every day in such a quick and easy manner is pretty exciting.  Not all the yarn I've knitted up in the last 3 years was even on Ravelry, so it doesn't really show a true picture of my progress, but it does show progress--which especially helps on days when I feel like I'm really not reducing the stash.

All of that is to explain this:
I had one hank of a discontinued bulky alpaca yarn, and while I would love to say that I had found a pattern that I liked and was looking for a yarn that would work, I was looking for a fast project that would give me another "all used up" entry on my stash.  Not that I don't love the hat--I do actually, and highly recommend the pattern--but I wanted a "used up" entry more than I wanted the hat.  Of course, that could have something to do with the fact it has warmed into the 40s this week making the hat too warm to wear currently.  Next cold snap I assume will be much more thrilled with the hat than the Ravelry entry. 

the birthday socks are not only done and going to be delivered ON TIME, I got yet another "all used up" entry (entry 31.  A previously-finished scarf has now been blocked
and will also shortly been on its way as a birthday gift, though I'm a lot less concerned about this one.   For good measure, I also blocked the green January Project of the Month scarf,
so it can be moved off my desk and into the Christmas gift bin.  I'm pleased with the scarf in general, and since the recipient is Irish, I think he'll like it--if, of course, he realizes that the odd squiggles across the scarf are supposed to be a Celtic knot pattern. It could also be a tribute to tic-tac-toe, I suppose, but that would make a lot less sense.

Working on all these gifts has shamed me into digging out Andy's birthday sweater (you know, that was supposed to be done in JULY)
and I've added about 3 inches to the torso.  I think I need about 2 more inches, then I'll start the neck.  Now that it's been two years since my last steeking experience, I think can face it again.

I have also spent some time on the Pi shawl
which is going to need some very vicious blocking to become the circumference I thought it was going to be, but my backup plan is to save it for a smaller-stature friend if I can't block it quite enough.  I think I've banked enough small projects so far this year to not fall too far behind by attempting to finish a bigger project, so after this I'll be digging out that pesky dem fischer sin fru shawl, which I think has been in hibernation for 3 years now.

Of course, it might be time for a quick browse through my stash for another one or two skein entry........