Sunday, November 13, 2011

Closing In!

With the help of Jeeves, I have now completed 4 towels with this design:
though the first two were made with the weird plastic-type water-soluble stabilizer which never really works and are now "keepers" as one has a hole and knot where the "s" should be, and one has it where the "b" should be. Yep, it did actually take me two towels to remember not to use the stuff.  In my defense, I didn't have Jeeves for the majority of an entire year, and apparently have to relearn just about everything about embroidery.  Or I'm just an idiot.  Or a combination of both. 

The November Project of the Month bag contained enough yarn for a third washcloth,
and by finishing this one this morning
I can now count them as a finished object, so I am down to 9 projects left to finish for the year.  I started a little mini stocking ornament, 
and will probably try for another set of towels today.  With all these little projects, I am of course just dying to do something big like a sweater or shawl.  12 sweaters in one year is just sounding better and better..........