Friday, May 6, 2016

Working Friday

This week we switched my days off, so I had yesterday off and am working today.  Thankfully, I return to my normal schedule next week.  I haven't quite gotten used to that schedule either, but it's closer.  I have been thinking today was Monday all morning, and no week should have two Mondays.

There has been knitting,
but no sewing.  I'm making a new Begonia Shawl for a friend's birthday.  Did I mention I finished the last one?  It isn't blocked yet, but it's been 85 degrees this week, so it isn't like I'd be wearing it right now anyway. I'm still really tired at night when I get home, so simple knitting works really well, and most of this pattern is quite simple--only the edging needs careful attention.  And the blocking, of course, which is why that hasn't happened yet.  Maybe Sunday?