Saturday, November 15, 2014

Snow Days!

Did I mention we were picking tomatoes as late as Sunday?  We finally planted the garlic last weekend because it just hadn't been cold enough any earlier.  Our historical frost date is October 10, but with rising temperatures, it's been getting later and later, but this was definitely the latest.  Then Thursday
and Friday,
we received Idaho's new record snowfall for November. Pretty, but Theo was really sulky:
He and Calisto have been hunting voles in the backyard every day, and in spite of being a long-haired cat with hair between his toes specifically FOR walking in the snow, he has absolutely no intention of going near the stuff.  Instead,
he decided to "help" me embroider a lace ornament.  Luckily I got the machine stopped before a cat laying on the embroidery hoop messed it up, and it did free up my crating table, so in a desperate attempt to grab some fabric yardage before the year is up because Christmas is coming soon, I took the 4 yards of  iridescent tulle netting I'd also snagged in Ontario, cut it into roughly 3.5-inch strips, set the ruffler to the very highest setting,
 which made little tulle rosettes.  I've found it's best to add another layer of stitching after gathering for additional strength, then taking some poinsettia bouquets I found at the dollar store,
I made little poinsettia rosettes to be placed on the tree.  
As this is a new idea, I'm not really sure how these will work on the tree, or if it would be best to have them easy to take apart for storage, so making yet another attempt to master the glue gun, I got 7 rosettes glued
and two glue burns--making it one of my lousiest attempts ever.  I'm thinking maybe they should just be pinned on.........

Theo finally had to get up for a snack,
so I was able to finish the ornament after several hours of cat-napping.  (Don't we use that term to mean a QUICK nap????  How did THAT come about?)

Today will be another indoor day as, while it looks beautiful,
 it was a spectacular 1 degree when I woke up and is not expected to be above 25 as a high for today.
We don't actually plow roads in Boise--we sand roads and put a de-icer on them, which works for some things but not for heavy snows.  Today the ridges formed in the snow by cars trying to get through the snow will have frozen solid, making driving really, REALLY interesting, so we're staying home today.  Let's see, what would use up a whole bunch of fabric quickly? what gifts do I need to work on today.....?