Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You know, I don't know if I've ever said that in a good way, but today I pulled out the next "Project of the Month" bag to reveal:
I bought these on clearance at some point--they're rooms and furnishings for Barbie dolls. I have two young nieces who might be the right age for Barbie. I have a kitchen & a bedroom (there wasn't enough to get two of each), and theoretically they'll be pretty cute. They have curtains & furniture. I'm thinking they will either be a fun little project that doesn't take too long....which of course increases the odds that it will be anything but. But at least it wasn't another knitting project.

Day TWO of the double-dog dare has gone well. The baby sweater got some attention early this morning:and the sleeves got some this afternoon after an episode with zucchini marmalade left me pretty well wiped out by two o'clock. Still 18 WIPS, but there was a lot of PROGRESS on them. I even did 10 rows on the mind-numbingly boring edging on the baby blanket. I'm still on the first side, but thankfully it's a rectangle so this is one of the longest sides. I have worked out a system of making myself knit 10 rows before I can knit something more fun, so that will get me there. Or make me give up knitting. One of the two....