Friday, January 2, 2015

1, 1, 100, and 6

The new year is off to a strong crafting start!  20
new kimono ornaments are done, which uses up 1 yard of fabric from my stash and which I'm counting as 5 projects because 2 cuts of 45-inch wide fabric makes 4 ornaments.  To be fair, I've been working on them for several days now.  They're cute, but they aren't that quick.  We usually give most of our family and friends a new homemade ornament every year, but even with Andy making all the wooden ornaments and what looked like a pretty big stack of kimono ornaments, we still ran out and I ended up giving away more ornaments from last year.  (Note to self:  Math would be a good idea).  Obviously, having made 365+ ornaments, I did have some to spare, but it might have been easier to keep track of who got what 2014 could have been kimono ornament year or wooden ornament year.  I've kept 9 of these guys for us and put the rest in the gift bin.  Not a bad start for Christmas 2015.......

And with THAT little bit of smugness, meet project number 6:
which I did totally hold over until January 1.  I could have finished it New Year's Eve, but switched to working on one of my long-standing WIPs instead.  The spin I'm putting on this is that I'm hoping to finish some big items this year and giving myself a wee bit of breathing room will help make that happen.  The truth, of course, is that I totally cheated.  But it does give me 1 ball and 100 yards of yarn used up to start off the year. 

1 yard of fabric
1 ball of yarn
100 yards of yarn
6 finished projects....

Whew, can't you just feel the stash shrinking away already??????????