Sunday, August 16, 2009

10 Towels and a Finished Book!!!!

And almost a finished scarf. To what do I owe this abnormal display of crafting dedication?

* A tragically delayed tomato crop that has yet to cooperate with my visions of a weekend of salsa canning.

* The true "stocking up" of towels to embroider on, without any idea at all where to store them until needed, and the final admission that there is more room in the "gift bin" than in the entire sewing room--a truly sad state of affairs...

* An audio book causing me so much stress that it was either finish the darn thing this weekend or start taking sleeping pills at night.

* Being perhaps caught up with cucumber harvest enough to delay the next batch of pickles until perhaps Tuesday.

* Deciding that taking a weekend break from any elaborate cooking would be a really good idea...unless we wanted a week of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches next week.

* After the socializing & entertaining marathon of last month, being burned out enough to schedule NO parties outside of Soup Night for one entire month.

* The realization that a knitting blog actually should have some knitting on it.....