Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunshine Award

Alison over at Yarn in my Pocket recently presented me with the "Sunshine Award."  Ta-da:

(Or, in the spirit of my spell-checker, tuba!)

The award is "for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogging world."


Of course, I am well aware that I often inspire people in sort of a reverse-sort of discouraging them from placing that late-night yarn order because they don't want to face 3 years of Cold Sheeping just to be able to get their closet doors closed (which is still impossible, by the way...).  But we who dig ourselves in to strange and often humorous situations grasp at what we can....

So, the rules of the award are:
  • Put the logo on my blog or within a post
  • Pass the award onto 12 bloggers;
  • Link the nominees within your post;
  • Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog;
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award!
Alison actually shared this with both my blogs, but I decided to put it on the knitting one because the on-line knitting world is simply amazing to me.  In some ways, the internet has given a forum for some very hateful human beings--and the comments left on news stories and even book reviews can be hateful, mean, and simply vile.  The knitting world, however, is populated by total strangers who leave supportive messages for each other, help each other find discontinued yarns, help each other solve problems--it's simply amazing.  I have all these wonderful friends through blogging--and I may or may not recognize them if I passed them on the streets tomorrow, but I could probably identify their knitting.  How funny is that?  So.....that's probably a long way to say that this award is really, really accurate--there are bloggers who bring sunshine to the lives of others.  To share a few (12):

1.  Daniele, who happens to also be quite the Mafia Wars mafioso.  Andy finds it funny that I actually have a "knitting mafia"......but he doesn't laugh too loudly as he knows my knitting mafia could whup his mafia's arse.....

2.  Mandy, who is my crafting hero.  She can effortlessly sew, quilt, knit--you name it--and has a great talent for knowing how to put colors together.  Very talented woman--I always visit her blog for inspiration when I'm getting a thorough arse-kicking by a quilting project....which is, pretty much, every time I try quilting.

3.  Ella, who is not only a talented knitter, but (in my humble little opinion) a wonderful photographer....not to mention a bilingual blogger, which impresses me as so many Americans can't seem to even master one language......

4.  Alice, one of the few bloggers I know in real life and someone who is simply a joy to know.

5.  No-Blog Rachel,who can knit Swallowtail shawls faster than anyone I know

6.  RobinH (she of the comments-that-are-often-funnier-than-my-blog-entry), who has accepted the challenge and is now trying to reach 100 finished objects in 2010 before I do.  (If you're going to be crazy, it's more fun if you take others along with you.....)

And I know, it says 12, but this actually takes quite a bit longer than one might think, so I'm stopping half-way so I can get a few of the "must-do" items done today.

To be continued........