Saturday, March 25, 2017


So interview #1 is over and I did not get the job, but rather amazingly, they called me to tell me this.  That's a first--usually it's a form email or letter 6 weeks later when you've basically already figured that out.  I thought that was above and beyond, so very high marks to that gentleman.  The next one is on Monday, so hopefully I am not spending the rest of the week curled up in the back of my closet--but I will take knitting with me if I do.

Tomorrow we are hosting a Home Hobby party.  Many of our friends are amateur musicians, and there are regular "house concerts" for people to perform, which is fun, but it occurred to me that we have lots of friends with OTHER hobbies, so everyone is invited to bring something to show, and there will be prizes for favorite, most unusual, and just general door prizes.  I've been able to see some of the things our friends do, but they're always surprising me with new talents, so I'm very excited about this and hope it goes well.  I think I'm going to display one of my lace shawls.  I hope people feel comfortable bringing things.

AND, I am very proud to announce that I am donating several knitting books and magazines to our library--some of which have been with me for quite a while.  There comes a time when one knows one is never going to make something.  Don't get me wrong--my optimism still runs pretty high, but least there might be a few limits.......