Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things To Be Thankful For in the Knitting World

*  Express shipping

*  Circular needles.  Not that I don't prefer dpns for socks and such, but could you imagine doing a pi shawl with 15 pointy sticks?  ***shudder***

*  Ravelry--bless them!

The squashability of yarn, which makes one's stash easier to hide in say, the arms of a jacket that your husband never wears anyway.  Not that I would ever do that, of course.....

*  Knitting friends who completely understand that one could talk all day every day about knitting

*  Tetanus shots--those of us who have managed to impale ourselves with small knitting needles understand this one

*  That airlines have finally realized that a knitter allowed her knitting needles on a flight is much less dangerous than a knitter denied knitting for 6 straight hours

*  Husbands who like handknit sweaters, especially if they are relatively small in circumference.  If you ever see a large man wearing a hand-knit cabled sweater, there is no surer sign that his wife is very, very devoted.....or is curled up at home in a little ball muttering "50-inch chest....50 inch chest...what was I thinking??????"

*  Mohair yarn, which covers up the fact that no knitted item ever leaves this house without cat hair.  Some people believe everything I knit is made from mohair.....

*  Do-overs!  Not that frogging is much fun, but how many other things in life do you get a second chance at?

*  That a knitted gift cannot tell the recipient how much swearing was involved in making it

*  That if watching football on Thanksgiving is a national tradition, a knitting holiday can't be far behind......