Monday, February 2, 2009

Not a Lot of Knitting Today

Theo has been recovering quite nicely, though I think the physical therapist would be simply appalled if they could see what Theo gets up to even with constant supervision. Yesterday, Andy had him out in the backyard for some quality time
and while nothing ever seemed to happen, Theo was definitely limping far more than he has in a week or more. We have no idea what happened--in fact, I thought it was one of his better days as far as not tearing around like a maniac--but all the same, he was back to kitty confinement yesterday--which is good pet-owner bonding time, but not much for knitting time.

Today he's doing better, and this morning he and I spent a long time out in the back yard. The sun was out, but one of us didn't enjoy it too much. Let's face it, if you're going to sit outside in Idaho in early February, it probably does help to have a furry butt. My fingers (and other parts) were so numb I couldn't have knit even had I thought to bring something out with me.

This week's therapy sessions are Tuesday & Thursday, so the professionals can take a look at him tomorrow. And I can get some knitting time in!!!!