Sunday, June 1, 2008

Objects May Be a Whole Lot Bigger Than They Appear

The deceptive thing about some lace projects is that it really feels like you're almost done when you reach the edging. The reality is, you're not even close. I have been working on the Lady's Circular Cape pretty faithfully (for me) for the past couple days, and this is how far I've gotten.

It looks pretty far & feels pretty far until you look at how far I have left to go just on the bottom.

Those are some very closely scrunched stitches, and each of those requires 2 rows of edging. Doing a little math, which is rarely a good idea at such times but I did it anyway, there are 684 stitches on the needle by the time you finish the body. Each of those requires a minimum of 2 rows (sometimes 4, but that's just too overwhelming to contemplate right now), so the bottom ALONE takes 1368 rows of knitted edging. Then there are the 2 sides and the top as well....

Heaven help me.

The good news is that in the Year of the Stash Plan, this was optimistically listed as the June project. With a little dedication & possibly a shot of tequila, I just might finish it this month. That I actually believed I could start and finish it in one month does really illustrate the complete detachment from reality that has led to 46,000 yards of laceweight yarn in the stash.

If you're going to dream, dream big!!