Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Want to Buy A House From Us

This weekend we decided that the front of the house really was looking faded, AND that since all of the dark green was in front and it all had to be painted anyway, we didn't have to be able to match the paint exactly--which we've never been able to do.  Sunday we got up and did the regular tidying sweep, Andy mowed the lawn while I did some planting, and we were just getting ready to start painting when we got a call for a showing.  Their realtor said she would text us to let us know when the showing was over....or two hours later when she finally remembered as it turned out.  Our realtor has a little tray for realtors to leave cards during showings, so we weren't even sure they had come until we found drawers left open and lights on upstairs.  Charming.  It turned out THIS viewer didn't like the house because he's looking for a "project house," and if his realtor was a professional in any way, she would have done a bit better job selecting a house he might BE interested in rather than wasting everyone's time.  So we got to start painting when the day was at it's hottest, and our house has concrete siding which gets really HOT in the south sun, so we were dripping with sweat.  Andy removed all the light fixtures so I could paint around them, and since they were off, he repainted those as well.  We finished everything up yesterday, and the house looks FABULOUS.  Which is good, as we've already decided that if we are going to take too big of a loss on the house we won't sell after all.  It would be really unfortunate to UNPACK that pod back into the house, but so is losing a huge amount of money when we're five years away from paying the house off. 

So three showings and we have no idea why the house isn't selling.  One hated the location, one bought a house in a completely different part of town, and one wanted a fixer-upper, so technically ALL of them could have just done a bit more research to find out this wasn't the house for them.  Like, you know, look a map or view the listing.  Oh well.  I spoke with our realtor yesterday, and told him we're okay with it taking a while because we're trying to learn some good habits from having to have the house show-ready every day, and I planted cucumbers and more snow peas in the side garden, and have basil and peppers in the flower pots out front, and I'm getting us ready to be here through the summer if necessary. 

And TODAY I might even get to sew!