Monday, April 11, 2016

Me Made Monday

Some of us can sew.  Some of us can take decent selfies.  I've decided I'm really better off with the former because I get clothing out of it.  However, that means that while I did figure out something to wear for Me Made Monday today,
 I don't have a picture yet and I have to leave in a few minutes.  In 2007 I made the long version out of yellow gauze.  This is the skirt that prompted the pattern comment, "Cute skirt, but pattern written by sociopaths with dyslexia," so I think it was so traumatic that I never took a picture of the final skirt.  Anyway, the more accurate picture would be of me continually tripping over the blasted thing anyway, but action shots are hard for a knitting blog. 

It is suddenly 75-80 degrees, which is unseasonably warm for us, so the two remaining jackets and the new yellow cardigan are sort of pointless right now, though it might cool off a bit later in the week.  That doesn't help for Me Made Mondays, but at least I could wear them.  I could wear a shawl today except that I'm at the main store today and there is no place for me to put hand knitted lace to keep it safe if it got too warm, so THAT is not going to happen. 

Real life interferes SO much with crafting.............