Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Again

20 of my Me Made Mondays need to be new or unworn things.  I put it that way because
there might be a bin in my sewing room with things waiting to be blocked.  Ahem......  So yesterday I washed and blocked these 8 finished projects.  Not all of them are for me, but the Begonia Swirl in the middle is, and at least one or two of the keyhole scarves.  Sadly, there are still more items in the bin, but that's okay!  I can get them washed and blocked as soon as these are done, and I'll have at least one more new item to wear.  Let's just say it's a fairly large bin, and move on......

Today my cold is a little better, so I'm going to go to the gym for a really light workout.  That makes Me Made Monday a bit more tricky, so 
I'll wear this fleece jacket that I made in 2008.   I actually like it very much, but it is too much of a jacket to just wear around the house, and as a jacket, it's pretty light-weight to wear very often, so it doesn't get much attention.  I think it needs an outing. 

The BIG news.................

I have now gone 30 days without buying any fabric!!!!

I'd love to say it was easy, but here's the weird thing:  after buying 3 yards each of my rather-aesthetically-challenged university colors,
I wanted to order more.  Lots more--because it's on sale.  Without having done one single thing with the fabric yet except wash it.  It's completely crazy, but so is the size of my fabric stash.  Yesterday I decided to maybe remind myself that my school mascot is an ugly little viking, I ironed and cut up the fabrics for several projects:  lots of kimono ornaments (which are really the most appropriate gifts as most of us have been out of college a LONG time), some fabric bowls (using the new book), and a couple table runners.  I'm hoping that actually working with them will curb my interest a bit.  There are OTHER lovely fabrics in my stash that, quite frankly, would make much nicer quilts or table runners.  I do NOT need more fabric, and even when all the projects I cut for last night are done, I still won't be anywhere CLOSE to the 18 yards of new fabric that entered my stash at the end of the year.  Not even half-way there.  I do NOT need more fabric!

What I NEED is to get cracking on the projects for Valentine's Day and the February birthdays.  And finish that blasted corduroy jacket.............