Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leap of Faith!

After washing the January sweater, my heart sank. The knitting gods had wreaked their revenge. No matter what I did when I laid it out to dry, the ribbing was a disaster--the garter stitch was stretched and looked terrible. I tried turning it, rolling it--nothing helped. Finally out of desperation, I threw it into the dryer on low, and amazingly

it looks like a sweater again! An additional bonus may be the large ball of Pepto-Bismal pink fuzz that ended up in the lint filter. Just in case, this sweater will get its own lint brush. And it is finished just in time.
Boise, usually of the rain and fog winters, has had over 11 inches of snow in January alone. I show you this to explain
my total lack of progress on dem fischer sin fru. Theo has willingly saved my place while I shovel snow in the evenings.

The birthday poncho deadline is looming and
maybe. OK, if I had any concept of reality & knitting I wouldn't have 30,000 yards of laceweight yarn in my stash. So....I still have hope!!!