Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The Mystic Light KAL started today, and I have the yarn--and heaven knows I have the needles--but haven't yet decided if I will cast on or not. It is in fingering weight, with size 7 needles, so there's some potential for instant gratification, but I didn't PLAN on much lace this year, and then there's little Dem Fischer Sin Fru sitting in the corner of the sewing room, muttering to MS3 about "starteritis" and "flaky knitters" who can't make a commitment.

Meanwhile, the new sweater--which has not yet earned an ignominious nickname of any kind--passed skein number 1 and brings me to 33 skeins for the year, which earns it my undying affection this week. Monday will be the end of first quarter (see how hard it is to keep my business life from bleeding over into my knitting?), and whatever stash I have used at that point could be considered an indicator of how much of the stash I can use up this year--provided I quit getting sucked into lace KALs. So, if I were at 35 skeins by Monday, a rational person could project 140 skeins by the end of the year, and while high on yarn fumes I could project 150-160. That would be a lot of yarn.

The really frightening thing to contemplate, though, is what if my stash is so big that it doesn't make much of a dent....?

Hm, I think I need to go find those size 10s again.....