Friday, May 17, 2013

Finishing Friday Not Quite Finished

I decided to give my back another day's rest and move my workout to Saturday, so I got up bright and early to get a jump on a full Finishing Friday.  Unfortunately,
Theo got up early as well.  He hasn't been much interested in sewing for quite a while, but he MORE than made up for it today:
I didn't get my dress back until after lunch,
so while there has been progress, it isn't yet finished.  I did put the morning to good use, though.  6 new lace icicle ornaments,

which I swear exist because I'm excited about a Victorian Christmas tree and NOT because I was falling behind on ornaments. 

 Speaking of being behind, I started my 4th colorwork ornament today,
 which will only leave me 51 left to finish in the book by December 31.  Is it too early to panic?