Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Did NOT Buy Yarn Today!!!!!!!!!!!

But it was a close thing--believe me. 

As I'm taking a break from Cold Sheeping, there really isn't a reason for me NOT to buy yarn.......well, except for the really, really, REALLY massive yarn stash that is why I started Cold Sheeping in the first place.  And the fact that I literally have no more room in the craft room.  Two tubs are outside the door right now so I can get at some of my other stuff, and using up 52 balls of yarn and 46 yards of fabric just hasn't freed up as much space as I had hoped.  (To be fair, the 22 yards for pajamas was fabric I purchased at the end of last year's spending ban and making 4 sets of pajamas meant I didn't ever have to find a place FOR that 22 yards of fabric, and 11 of the balls of yarn have been bought and used since I stepped off my sheep in September, but that's another story......)

Yesterday I received an email about discounted sock yarn.  Discounted. Sock. Yarn.  And I'm off the sheep........But I resisted.  I even deleted the email.  But after a 2 mile walk today and physical therapy, my hip was hurting and I was frustrated and feeling more than a little sorry for myself, so I went BACK to the website (like I'd have forgotten who had sock yarn at a 60% discount) and had almost justified a big new order of yarn.  Luckily, I got derailed by looking for some nice tweed yarn for this sweater, which luckily meant I had to dig through my queue to find the link to the pattern, which reminded me of all the sweaters I have yarn for, which reminded me of all the sweaters I have already started, which--after I recovered from the shock--convinced me to turn the computer off and go back to my sock.  'Cause when that 230 yards is used up, I'll have so much more room.......................:)

Yes, But Only If You Do It MY Way??????

So, one of the reasons I have been working on gifts is obviously that Christmas is coming, and in the past one of my favorite parts of the holidays is a girl's Secret Santa exchange.  We get assigned names, have two get-togethers where we bring gifts for our person, and then on the second night, the person tries to guess.  Many of these ladies are good friends, and I love either making things I think they will like or finding little things to buy them.  All fun, right?

Think again.

A few years ago, one of the ladies had suggested that we try exchanging things we already had.  I thought this sounded fine in theory, but when it came down to it, I didn't think it actually worked, and rather than giving someone something that I didn't want, I made gifts for my person because it was someone I really wanted to do something special for.  I think most of us shared my view, and we went back to just using the $15 spending limit last year.

The email went out last week to see who wanted to participate, who was interested in hosting, and whether we wanted to do dinner.  The person who had suggested the re-gifting thing said "we'd strayed far from" re-gifting in the last couple years and that she'd socialize but couldn't bring herself to participate in the giving or receiving of gifts.  While I can understand (and fully support) efforts to minimize "stuff," have the manners to not dump on something you were just invited to do.  Seriously--a simple "I'll socialize but count me out on the gift exchange" would have done.  Another person did exactly that--all good.  Tonight there was ANOTHER response saying another person would only participate in the exchange if the gifts were re-gifting or homemade.  Is it just me, or is it really rude to tell someone you'll only participate in something they've invited you to if they do it your way?  If you want to set the rules, host your own damn party. 

I know--this sort of thing has actually become pretty standard behavior as of late.  The two prior holidays on Ravelry, I created a Holiday Basket Dash for the Stashdown group, using holiday songs to come up with TWENTY-SIX different categories.  Twenty-six.  Last year, I actually received a complaint from one of the members saying there weren't enough choices.  TWENTY-SIX CATEGORIES, including one SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly restrictive as "make your favorite pattern."  As I couldn't ever bring myself to say anything other than "make your own damn list then," I never responded.  And I don't miss moderating, because from the moment I created the Cold Sheeping thread, I was inundated with requests for exemptions and complaints that this or that shouldn't count against the sheep and on and on and on and on.  FOR YEARS.  Part of me always wanted to ask "If you didn't like it, why did you join???????????" but of course, I didn't.  The main thing was always to have fun and make it a fun place, but stepping away from that has made knitting a more fun place for ME.

Has anyone else been running in to problems like this?