Saturday, July 8, 2017

Less Than 3 Weeks to Go!

We've now had 3 REPUTABLE companies look at the water in our crawl space and every single one of them has said there isn't really a problem because it's just because of the winter we had and that we don't need to do anything, that a sump pump is both overkill and pretty unethical, and 2 gave us much lower bids to do ACTUAL cleanup--but only when pressed because none of THEM are crooks.  But our buyers' home inspector specifically told them his buddy had to be the one to fix it, and unfortunately they believe him.  So crooked inspector will get his obvious kick-back, the crooked "water expert" will get to install yet another unnecessary sump pump, and we get to pay for it.  Being Idaho, neither restoration nor home inspection is licensed or anything, so the crooks can do anything and get away with it because somehow that's better, but our realtor is paying half of the rip off, and I keep telling myself that the inspector is also screwing over his own clients who think he walks on water because he missed the things we left to be included IN a legitimate inspection, and sump pumps aren't without issues anyway.  I never realized how dangerous a new home buyer with a new realtor could be, but this mess has certainly proved experience matters.  We submitted the recommendations from the legitimate companies and also the industry guidelines they used (which the crooked guy doesn't use), but the buyers honestly believe their inspector and think there's a water table issue on a HILL outside of Boise, so we're stuck.  (Funnily enough, I keep waiting for this new water table to help out our trees in the 100+ temperatures right now, but shockingly it hasn't happened yet--we have to keep giving them extra water)  THEN our realtor actually had to explain to their realtor why it's in their best interest for us to just give them the money at closing and let THEM hire whatever completely unnecessary work they want.  He had to leave out the part about us considering them complete crooks and not wanting them in the house, but the crook with the sump pump is including a 7-year warranty (yeah--because that was a 100-year winter, so that level of water WON'T happen again), and they do NOT want to have to contact US if they have problems with their stupid sump pump and drains in the future.  But the buyers have been nice about moving the occupancy date, we are moving to a beautiful new house in a quieter and COOLER part of town, and at this point it's worth $2000 just to get all of this done.  So, the crooks have won, but we kind of knew they would. 

I'm going to be packing today.  We close on the 28th, so in 3 weeks we'll be waking up in our new home!  We hired a legitimate home inspector to look at our new house, and it went really well--he found upgrades and extras we didn't even expect.  It's all one level except for the sewing room, which is a bonus room above the garage, and frankly, if it meant getting to the yarn and fabric, I could climb up those stairs even at 95.  :)

We also found the problem with Callisto (which didn't have anything to do with any of the expensive tests the emergency vet ran).  My car was leaking coolant!  I have this lovely mechanic, and when he called to tell me what was wrong and what was needed, he was actually apologetic that he had to order the part and that it would be $175.  Dollars--parts and labor.  Honestly, I would have hugged him if I'd been there in person.  And being Mike, the bill was actually $172.  I'm taking that man a Christmas present.  After everything that has been happening on the house and all the fees with the house ($30 to FAX the loan payoff information?), it was positively refreshing to be charged a low amount for a necessary service.  Shocking actually.  Wish Mike had gotten the $1500 in vet bills rather than the pet ER, but they probably did save Callisto's life by keeping her on IVs overnight, so while they ripped us off, they did save my kitty's life.

At my new job, we started last week with 8 people on the local sales team.  THIS week we began the week with 4.  And no one has been there a year.  Yep--not a good place.  I really struggled to get through this week even though it was a short week.  My boss will tell me to do something one day, then the next day say I shouldn't be doing that.  Over and over and over.  Yesterday I went with another salesperson on his appointment just to get a break from him.  The whole sales department is run as if someone took all the worst sales practices from the 80s and 90s and used them as a model, and all but one office have more than 100% turnover in sales every year.  The one office that doesn't use this model is, shockingly, the top-performing office with low turnover.  But the national sales manager is an offensive man with a huge ego, so there's no way he'd ever draw any lessons from that.  They ride the sales team so hard at times that reps start inventing calls and meetings in the database and lie outright about details, but no one blames them because it is an impossible situation.  Even the top salesperson is looking to leave.  And this explains why it took them a full month to get business cards printed for me.  Lots of people leave in horror during the first WEEK.  So, the job search continues......

ASIDE FROM ALL OF THAT, things are going pretty well.  At least I still have yarn!  :)