Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

I am finally taking a whole week off! YAY!  I'm so burnt out by the new job, and by 2020 in general, so it's nice to get a break.

We get to have a Christmas tree this year!  We had to make a few Charlie-adjustments, like clip-on lights instead of light strings, no breakable ornaments, and

the tree skirt may or may not be found under the tree.  But at least the tree has ornaments this year--that's progress!

Because it is just not safe or responsible to be around people outside our home, we had a pretty low-key Thanksgiving.  I roasted a turkey on Sunday so we'd have leftovers, and we went for a long walk today, wrapped gifts, and I finished part of Andy's Christmas gift:

I used my favorite shirt pattern:
but no matter WHAT the envelope says, this is not a three-hour shirt.  It took me four days.  And now, with just over one month to go in the year, I have eight projects to go. I did finish the front of the current sweater project,
and have cast on the back, so I AM making progress, so there's still hope.  And I still have tomorrow off...................