Sunday, January 2, 2011

And We're Off!

With my right arm strained and a toe on my left foot broken, I'm a rather sorry state of affairs right now, and because I am a seriously impatient person, I have pushed until they both hurt quite a lot today.  So, having virtually guaranteed that almost every other activity in the world would hurt, I have spent today crafting.  And What do I have to show for it?

Finished project number 1:
(which really should have been finished in 2010 but I was being super lazy about the hand stitching stuff),
finished project number 2:
(which is EXACTLY like the last black chemo cap down to the button, but why mess with a good thing?)  and quite a bit of progress on the socks for a friend's birthday in February
which look better than either photograph would lead you to believe.  I'm really just playing with designs here.  I have cables running up both sides and will split them to make the short row heel, which could look quite cool or be hardly noticeable.  We shall find out.

I finished the nephew scarf late (for me) New Year's Eve,
and have, of course, immediately cast on another scarf, though I apparently forgot to take a picture of it.  Oh well, it looks exactly like this one but much, much shorter.  I know this pattern so well that I can do it while reading, which is really nice as I now have 99 more books to read during the year (because if you're going to set crazy goals for yourself each year, you might as well set a LOT of them). 

I think I have decided NOT to do the project of the month bags this year, as it is my year to make Christmas gifts and I do have a list of projects that need to happen.  BUT the bags are still packed up and ready to be used, so I think I'll just pull them out as I have time or the inclination.  Right now I have a February & a March birthday to be working on (not to mention Andy & I always making Valentine's gifts AND still needing to finish Andy's birthday sweater AND the last of the bridesmaid's quilts) so randomly starting another project seems a bit foolish, even for me, and THAT--as we all know--is really saying something...............