Monday, July 8, 2013

We Can't All Be Beautiful...

Yesterday I started out with
which I really, really like--I mean really, beads and sparkles?  Hello!  Inspired, I immediately decided to try something new,
which is so far rather hideous.  One should probably have a clear idea of what one is going to do BEFORE starting, or at least not start with a stitch dictionary right in front of one, but now that it IS ugly, I am going to press on and add some other new stitches to it.  It will either improve when there's more stitching on it, or end up so ugly that even the back of the tree rejects it.  I guess they all can't turn out well.

While working on the Uggo ornament, I set up Jeeves to do another applique ornament,
 which was completed without bloodshed this time, so I think I'm getting better with those scissors. 

I did finally manage to get a decent picture of the green and red ornament,
which I think would definitely have looked better with a different stitching on the red, but I'm not unhappy with it.  Not all ornaments have to be "keepers," either.

The exciting news is:  Today is the 189th day of the year and I have made 207 ornaments!  Only 158 to go!!!!!!!!!!