Monday, March 1, 2010


It's March 1, the end of the Ravelympics, and it's time to get back to normal on the blog....or as normal as it ever gets. 

Thanks to everyone for the cheers and support.  Knitting that much put me behind on almost everything else--including catching up on everyone else's blogs--but I'm slowly catching up.

Since yesterday was the end of February, checking in on the monthly tallies:

     Projects finished:  3
     Yards of fabric used: 1.5 (quite pathetic)
     Yards of yarn used:  2108 (YAY!)
     Skeins of yarn used:  18 (SCORE!)

So Year to Date:

     Projects finished: 13
     Yards of yarn used:  3550
     Skeins of yarn used:  25.25
     Yards of fabric used:  10.58

To make my goal of 100 projects a year, I have to average just over 8 projects a month, which puts me slightly behind, but I think we all knew the Ravelympics would do that.  I STILL can't believe I actually finished an entire sweater in 15 days.  I mean, I ATTEMPT to do crazy things all the time, but to actually have one of them work out for me is a bit unusual.  Not to mention astounding.

So...I'm off to draw a Project of the Month, which I REALLY hope will be a sewing project as I've already cast on a new scarf (worsted, size 8 needles) that I'm hoping will go pretty quickly.  Then again, I always think that about quilts too, so........