Thursday, December 29, 2016


Thanks everyone!  I have to admit, I didn't think I'd make it a full year without buying fabric as my previous attempts have failed spectacularly.  I'm struggling to make it to 100 yards for the year, but today I'm at 92.76 yards used up so far, and with NOTHING coming in all year, that's a dent.  Maybe not a big dent, but a dent all the same.  In case you were wondering why I haven't made more progress this week,
I have taken up a new hobby called "snow shoveling."  We have a corner lot and a 3-car garage, plus some older neighbors who can't shovel snow, so it's become a time-consuming hobby.  While I can do it without injuring my back/hip, it does wear it out pretty thoroughly, and Mother Nature being a bit of a jerk, we get the most snow when Andy isn't here, so it's often a solo hobby.  I think I'll be giving it up as soon as possible. 

Boise gets snow, but it rarely sticks around this long, and until a heat-wave of 30 degrees yesterday, the streets were almost impossible to navigate.  There's a field near us, so we've been going out snowshoeing to try to get ready for some outings with friends in January.  It tires my hip a lot, and we can only do about a mile before getting too cold to continue, but it's exercise.  Really cold exercise.  REALLY cold.  Honestly, I don't know what we're thinking sometimes, but even the cats are getting cabin fever.  And there's more snow coming later this week.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  As I have such a habit of being sick, this was our first Christmas at home without having people over, and it was kind of relaxing.  We made calzones, went snowshoeing, and of course, unwrapped gifts.  A friend of mine found this
at a church bazaar.   It's made from an old hymnal, and is just the cutest thing ever.  The clever things people come up with!

Andy, knowing I'm on a yarn diet, bought me Malabrigo:
 He specifically ordered enough for a pair of socks, but it's such lovely and soft yarn that I'm thinking some sort of scarf instead.  Surprisingly, I didn't cast on immediately, but I have spent an inordinate amount of time holding it, so I am definitely enjoying it.

I did make my final Me Made Monday by wearing this,
which is seasonally inappropriate but DID make the 20th "new" item, so I have made at least one goal for the year.  Even with four new table runners,
and three in-progress table runners,
 I'll still be short unless I think of a fast, simple 8-yard project.  Or two 4-yard projects.  Three days--8 yards.  Maybe I need a new pair of pajamas.... Or a fleece blanket.....