Saturday, October 8, 2011

Imaginary Friends and Real Friendships

Andy and I have jokingly referred to my online knitting friends as my "imaginary" friends, as I've never actually met any of them and only know many of you via blogs and Ravelry.  Friends all the same, but friends I wouldn't actually recognize in person, and when people ask me how I know this or that person, I have to say, "Well, I haven't."

Tonight I realize how very real these friendships are to me, as I found out tonight that one of my online friends passed away last month.  I knew Janet had cancer, and had been undergoing chemotherapy on and off for as long as I had known her, but she always seemed so upbeat about it that even though it sounded serious, part of me hoped maybe it wasn't.

And it was.

I suspected she was sick early this summer because I hadn't heard from her for a while, and no matter how sick she probably was, she seemed to spend as much time as she could posting encouraging comments on other knitter's blogs.  I sent her a couple letters, and didn't ask what I was afraid to ask:  are you okay?

She died on September 3 at the age of 49, and tonight I am mourning an online knitting friend whom I never met but sorely miss.

Mitten Mania!

The mitered mittens from Elizabeth Zimmermann's brilliant pattern are finished and blocking:
and I have continued my mitten mania with these: 

Mitten ornaments!  I started these yesterday and am up to 5 now.  I'm counting 2 for a finished project, so I'm one mitten away from finished project number 90, so of course that makes me even MORE obsessed with them.  The mitten ornaments aren't doing much for my stash-reduction as they use up so little yarn that they don't even make a dent in the monster balls of Red Heart and Carion acrylic that I'm using, but at least they're counting as finished projects AND filling up my Christmas bin.  If I start to talk about having an entirely knit-themed Christmas tree, though, you are to immediately send a therapist!