Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November!

And time for a new Project of the Month bag:
Cotton washcloths!  That works out nicely, because it fits in with the Christmas basket stashdash AND the fact that there are 60 days left in the year and 17 projects to go, and I am starting to freak out just a bit.  So, the new washcloth is already cast on:
and I'm thinking I can get two washcloths and a tribble out of this, so that would be 1 1/2 projects, leaving me with 15 and a half to go.  Still "yikes."

The Christmas stockings are moving along,
but I thought I was about to have a major issue on the second heel flap:  I ran out of red yarn.  I'm moving about more, but I still can't really sit, so I was contemplating how to send Andy around town looking for a yarn that I knew the make of but not the colorway, and decided to simplify things by looking on the internet....................only to find the darn stuff (Bernat Berella) has been discontinued.  Who discontinues acrylic afghan yarn?????????????  

Luckily, a rummage through the sewing room turned up most of another skein of red, so the stockings and my sanity have been saved, but I do hate moments like that because it gives me one good justification for hoarding stashing yarn:  I might not be able to find it later.  This is a very bad thing for my Cold Sheeping resolve.  I think I'll need to spend some major time in the sewing room this week, and perhaps let a bag or two of yarn fall on my head to strengthen my resolve.....