Thursday, September 3, 2015

And I'm Behind

I have finished Andy's shirt,
and it is washed and ready to be worn!  We're having friends over on Saturday, so that was what I was aiming for.  Isn't it nice when people appreciate the things you make?  Andy adores the blue shirt, and he's been very excited about this one and will wear it a lot, I'm sure.  Aside from the shirt, though, no craft item has been finished lately.  However, yesterday:
(including a double batch of tarragon mustard to be frozen), and the day before:
a double-batch of roasted poblano salsa made and canned AND a double batch of basil-walnut pesto made and frozen.  One of us might be getting just a wee bit sick of the garden by now.....

Today I am taking it easier, so I am going to start the next batch of table runners.  I was going to make this lovely runner, but while I do love her project and will make one in the future, I'm sort of thinking I should do something a bit more likely to be FAST.  In general world terms, Christmas is quite a long way off, but in CRAFTING LAND, it's right around the corner.  So, these are the fabrics I picked out,
together with a cream fabric with gold glitter, seen here:
 I'm thinking either the above layout for a striped runner, or maybe this:
 for a chance to play with my new 60-degree triangular ruler.  I like the look of this, which is done with a border print but which could be done with fabric stripes.  Of course, the sensible thing might be to do the striped runners with this and cut out MORE fabric to play with once I have all the Christmas presents are done.....which makes it fairly unlikely it would be MY choice.  Still........