Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today I happened to be discussing novelty yarns with someone on Ravelry, and it just struck me:

I still own some novelty yarn, and it isn't listed in my Ravelry stash

DAMN!  Dang!!!!!  I really hoped that the 190 items listen in my Ravelry stash actually included all the yarn I own.  Dang dang dang dang dang!!!!  I don't know where the novelty yarn actually IS at the moment, or I would be outside right now hucking it at passing cars.  

I know why it isn't listed--I didn't want to admit that I owned any of it.  When novelty yarns first appeared, knitting inexplicably became HIP.  The dorky hobby I had been ridiculed for doing most of my life was suddenly "cool" and "in" because of weird yarns that looked like someone had shaved the Muppets and spun the results into yarn, and wasn't going to pass up my one and only chance to be "trendy," no matter how obnoxious the yarn.  

My problem is that I grew up during the last knit-and-crochet-are-hip era, and back then, the trendiest things that were (presumably) "hip" and "groovy" (this was the 1970s after all) were the very things that got knitting demoted to "dorky" for the next 25 years: pom poms, fringe, things combining objects such as cans and plastic rings with yarn, acrylic yarn.  Even 5 years ago, "novelty" yarns were just screaming to me, "we're going to make knitting dorky again," so after making a few obligatory scarves, I banished my remaining novelty yarn, never to be mentioned again and CERTAINLY never to be publicly admitted on Ravelry.  After all, while I have the reputation for crazy cold-sheeping marathons and a rather reality-challenged stash, even I have my limits..........................