Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ways To Celebrate April Fool's Day In the Knitting World IV

*  Form a Knitter's SuperPAC and start questioning presidential candidates on their stand on circular versus double-pointed needles

*  Take a new yarn to your knitting group and announce that it's from a lesser-known cousin of alpaca.....Loupaca

*  Create a Facebook page for your stash and provide regular updates on its breeding details

*  Find a published garter stitch scarf pattern and write to the designer asking where she gets her inspiration.

*  Record a podcast about the new discovery you've made on how to rip back mohair yarn easily.  Cut the recording right after saying, "The key to frogging mohair easily is...."

*  The next time someone tells you, "Oh, I could never learn to knit," tell them it's the not the knitting that's actually hard--it was the 4 year apprenticeship in the mountains of Tibet that really made it challenging.